Fuel Gauge Wall Key Holder Hanger

Fuel Gauge Wall Key Holder Hanger by JAJAUM3D

Printed On Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Using Filament eSun PLA+

Printed without Supports, Printed without Rafts, Infill 20 %

Have a special place for your car, truck, or motorcycle keys.

When placing a key, the gauge shows a full tank. The design keeps keys away from the wall to protect the wall and the keys.

The model can be fixed to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape, or with a small screw.
With the exception of the "glass" (optional), this model does not need any additional non-3dprinted parts, no gluing required either.

Print it with any color combination you prefer, use your car color, the possibilities are endless.
If you prefer, you can print the background on a regular 2D printer, or even create your own.

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